This show featured the Phish debut of Back in the Bubble. Halley's Comet's lyrics were changed to "central part of New York City." Trey teased We're Off to See the Wizard in Roggae and Nellie Kane in Crosseyed.
We're Off to See the Wizard tease in Roggae, Nellie Kane tease in Crosseyed and Painless
Debut Years (Average: 1995)

This show was part of the "2023 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2023-08-04

Review by eyesontweeprize

eyesontweeprize Hey, so, the thing about this show is it fucks from start to finish and if you were there you know. Holy ballsack. What even. Thank you. Holy fucking shit. I’m not religious but I think I fucked Jesus in the asshole tonight. Thank you Phish. Yo. Mikes was maybe the best ever but honestly talking about any one song tonight takes away from the masterpiece that it was. I’ve been lucky to get Lizards a few times. Tonight, I closed my eyes during Trey’s solo and let me tell you. He nailed that shit. It reminded me of how I nailed Jesus in the asshole. I can’t wait to listen to this whole show again and again. If you weren’t fortunate enough to be there tonight, for fuck’s sake please do the same asap. Stop doing whatever you’re doing (hey I know we all love early SpongeBob but that will always be there) and listen to this masterpiece. I love you and goodnight too all
, attached to 2023-08-04

Review by Wisy_Megabeth

Wisy_Megabeth HEAT. It was a hot hot night in the Garden. Right out of the gate with Buried Alive, you knew the band was out for blood. The flow and placement of songs in this show is why you go and see Phish. It’s why we keep coming back for more.. Basking in the after glow of show 45, I was going to run through it all of it from start to finish, but just play it!
, attached to 2023-08-04

Review by bakersdozen

bakersdozen Tonight was a tale of two sets. The first set was solid but felt flubby and awkward at times. There were absolutely strong moments but it paled in comparison to the second set which is one in a long list of impeccable second sets at the garden.

Trey was so busy causing seismic activity during the second set that he completely forgot to play Weekapaug. The second set opened strong with Mikes Song that included an extended secondary jam that stands out as one of the best moments of summer tour. Sand was a solid bridge and the sped up Cross Eyer had the building rocking and brought the energy to the next level. They were quick to cool it down but finished strong bringing the crowd back with Lizards before wrapping up the set with a soaring rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weepss.

Trey was very deliberate in kicking Mike a bass solo in the afterthought weekapaug which set the tone for a solid encore. Fluff is always a great finish. Overall, the second set was the best set of music they’ve played during their visit to the garden.

We wooks need to know when the last time he opened a set with a Mike and didn’t play weekapaug until the encore. Data kings please add this to the archives.
, attached to 2023-08-04

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1:

Buried Alive: One of the best ways to open a Phish show. This one has all kinds of weird sounds from Trey making this a unique and interesting version. Let’s go!!!

The Moma Dance: The beginning is rough at about the 40 second mark. Broadway Trey at 4:30. The climax of this one the band isn’t on the same page and Trey’s tone made my ears bleed.

46 Days: Trey’s vocals sound great in the early part of the song – specifically for the line ‘the devil is drawing near’. Major mode at 4:25. Nice sustained note at 6:35 which he holds for a good 65 seconds. Absolutely beautiful hose from about 7:44 through 8:30. Awesome! Coming out of the jam and back into the lyrics is a little screwed up. Would happily recommend this version though! >

Back in the Bubble: This is terrible. I hope they never play this again. Sounds like Sugar Shack at 1:50.

Bouncing Around the Room: Interesting ‘new’ lyrics in Bouncing: 0:37 “Bouncing round the womb” and 1:08 “I see them crew a crystal haze”

Birds of a Feather: Starts off fairly mellow! But that doesn’t last long. Major mode jam and they keep it short. The conclusion to this one is sloppy.

Halley's Comet: Broadway Trey loves to let us know how much he loves NYC, so cute. Bullfrog Trey at 5:27. Jam goes into whale call territory at 6:47. Thankfully, it’s tasteful whale call jamming and it’s coupled with Mike’s meatball tone, so this is jamming! Trey hits that reverse reverb/backwards effect at 9:45. From there the whale call becomes more abrasive. At the tail end of this Halley’s it sounds like they are going to go for Most Events aren’t Planned or I Always Wanted it this Way (sometimes I get those confused) but instead they opt for Roggae. Nicely jammed Halley’s! ->

Roggae: Nice segue out of Halley’s! Fish totally fumbles the opening lyric line. Very cool Follow the Yellow Brick road tease at 3:56. This one starts getting upbeat and lively earlier than most at 5:56. Excellent soaring peak would definitely recommend!

Run Like an Antelope: Really intense peak! Strong version would recommend!

SET 2:

Mike's Song: Longest version since Knoxville 11-16-96. Typical first jam and then when they transition – to the second jam – the crowd realizes what is happening and goes nuts. The second jam is mostly if not all major mode/celebratory/bliss. >

Sand: Excellent version. Hard driving and engaging. No crutches used. ->

Crosseyed and Painless: Again, like Sand – this one stays true to thine own self. Never goes for the escape hatch/major mode. Creative all the way through. Kudos to the band. Momentum is outrageous at this point. >

A Life Beyond The Dream: My mother once said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

The Lizards: Nice! Way to get back to it!

While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Absolutely, 100% crushed. Very, very impressive.

ENCORE: Weekapaug Groove: Yes, it’s short. It’s the thought that counts. >

Fluffhead: Another great Fluffhead, I bet this truly brought the house down. I bet walking out of the Garden on this night must have been amazing!

Summary: First set was not great until the latter third and from there it really takes off! Second set is just about as hot as it gets. No all timers, but awesome momentum and energy. Many will categorize this Mike’s as an all timer. I won’t be one of them, but it was a fun listen and I bet a blast to witness in person.

Replay Value: 46 Days, Roggae, Run Like an Antelope, Sand, Crosseyed and Painless.
, attached to 2023-08-04

Review by SANITY79

SANITY79 An amazing show most of the entire spring and summer tour has been fire from the band. I went to 4 different shows first was Syracuse which blew me away the way the band was gelling n with the in ear monitors has had a big impact. That and mikes new bass just has so much more pop and to me that old school deeper bass sound. I then went to the last two nights the 4th n 5th at The MSG run. I’ve been to MSG multiple times but I have not felt and heard energy like that before not from the crowd or the band playing off of it I’d like to think. I’m not here to break down every song or jam both nights. But the 4th was imo the best show of the tour and I think the show ratings speak for themselves. The entire spring and summer tour was so refreshing with the band the music the lights even the fans! To keep it short it is a perfect show in my book between solid playing n definitely exceptional jamming most of the night a great setlist and the energy inside MSG that night I will never forget. This is a must listen. And one of my all time favorite top 5 shows of all time . Thank you PHISH!
, attached to 2023-08-04

Review by Guttermitts

Guttermitts I’ve seen PHiSH 32 times at the garden and every time I say… ( well most* ) HOW THEY GONNA TOP
THAT?!? Yet to my astonishment they all ways do but, NOT LIKE THIS. I don’t care if ya don’t like the cool down, this show THESE SHOWS were one Fire works set after another. Some of these sets were out of most fans wet dreams. I’m still floored by just how high they kept the standard of quality. The pace of these songs were also ramped up from usual time signatures and tempo. ( way faster ) I will never forget this run. For me in my short tenure, especially compared to the most of you. IMHO This was the best seven nights of PHISH I’ve had personally at MSG or anywhere else. I’m still floating and probably won’t come down till some time middle December. This one was really for the FANS. They love us and they show it. THANK YOU PHISH. Imo LISTEN TO IT ALL.
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