Disease and Antelope were unfinished. During Suzy, Trey introduced Fish as “Johnny B. Fishman” on snare drum, whereupon Fish took a snare drum solo. This show featured the Phish debut of Tears of a Clown. Unfortunately, no one knew all of the words to Tears of a Clown, so they picked a member of the audience to come onstage and sing (prompting Trey to note, “She saved our ass.”). Tweezer contained a HYHU jam at the end (with Trey still on guitar and Fish on drums). During HYHU, Fish introduced himself as “Prince” and added some vacuum accompaniment. Before Terrapin, Trey joked, “Won’t be needing this anymore!” and acted as if he was going to throw his guitar into the crowd, to a reception of lusty boos from the crowd. After Terrapin, Trey took an impromptu poll of the audience as to whether a Fishman tune makes the show or destroys the show, with Page notably coming in on the side of destroys the show, though softening the blow by explaining, "Well, it's a crapshoot. Sometimes it's great, but sometimes... you wonder." Mike, more charitably, stated, “On a scale of two to three, I give it a three.” Before the Drums Jam with Trey and Fish, Trey noted that it had always been a dream of his to start a song with a double drum solo; this was the first known instance.
Hold Your Head Up jam in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "2004 Late Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by beerman

beerman As Antelope is my favorite Phish song and this version started strong, I will admit to this day: I am still waiting for that performance to end. Why, Trey, why didn't you come back to set the gear shift to the high gear of your soul?!
, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks Touching, charming, fun, silly, and ultimately a letdown. Some folks love this version of 2001; I count it maybe the most boring modern version. I imagine few people listen to the August '04 shows with any regularity, especially when the June shows offer such pure doses of (an admittedly very specific and perhaps limited kind of) pleasure. Along with Coventry, this is in my Just Too Damned Painful file.
, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads Although I love the segues, a few of the jams, and a pretty rigorously executed version of Golgi Apparatus by 2.0 standards, this show is very difficult to come away from listening to with a good feeling. Except perhaps that we're now nearly 14 years on from this era of Phishtory, and that the music is healthier right now and probably will remain so for the foreseeable future. I would never encourage a phan not to listen to a Phish show, but I'll say this: when I first learned about the rumored "worst show ever" of 7/12/96, I was psyched to hear what could possibly go wrong in a show by my favorite band, but morbid curiosity might lead you somewhere a bit uncomfortable if you let it get the best of you. Brings new meaning to the "jaded vet" terminology.
, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by nichobert

nichobert It's a Divided Sky from August 2004. Draw your own conclusions on how that one's going to go.

The snare drum solo and drop into the funk in Suzy is awesome, seems like Trey is teasing Heavy Things for a minute in there. Suzy has probably the shortest version of the "Suzy Reprise Jam" that popped up a few times in the 1.0 era. It's a nice knotty groove, Mike's DWD effects kind of creep into his playing for a little bit before the jam drops out and the DWD intro starts.

The DWD jam is basically all of a piece, rhythmic yet spacey, some nice piano from Page providing the gravitational well at the center of it and Mike & Trey circling it with dramatic minimalism. The descent into Caspian is fucking gorgeous. Another reviewer characterized this 3 song sequence as a cheap crowd pleaser, but it defied convention at every (ok, the first two at least) turn. Plus I'm pretty sure that by the year 2004 we should have stopped pretending that the shows were filled with 14 year old kids who only wanted to see Bouncing and Sparkle and the other massive radio hits.

I love when Phish doesn't finish the "Big Finish" songs. Bowie, Hood, Antelope, Slave, whatever. Leave that crescendo hanging and try something different. Phish's decision to bail on the Antelope peak and just get a little weirder was a good one. There are good moments in this, especially after the Peak That Wasn't, and the -> and 2001 itself is nice and clean. Just nothing too special despite the uniqueness on paper. I can see why someone would like this 2001 a lot, if they're not into the loops and whatnot.

Second sets highlights are Waves- soaring Type I.5 improv, beautiful stuff with shades of mystery- & the Timber with the double-drum solo. FWIW, The Ghost from 7/25/97 starts with a double drum duo also doesn't it? C'est la vie.
, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw An uneven feeling show to me.

Divided Sky is pretty straight forward, but rough at times. Suzy is Stretched a little longer than usual, it is similar to the SOAM a few shows later at Coventry. Trey rips up DWD, it goes into a kind of tense yet mellow jam. Caspian is in its second set slot in the first set. Scent of a Mule is rough, and Tears of a Clown is even more rough.

Antelope has a nice tense mid section, it feels like the makings of something epic. Instead of speeding up to the outro it mellows out and is unfinished. 2001 is a pretty mellow version. Golgi is in an awkward slot. Waves is pretty as usual. Tweezer turns evil very quick before ending very early at 8mins. It is interesting how HYHU is played closer to the original than usual, it's fun as usual with extra banter. Underwhelming Timber.

Pretty standard Bouncing>Tweeprise encore, would have hoped for more.
, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by andychatfield

andychatfield As my 34th show that I had seen in person I was excited by "The Divided Sky" opener (promising to be as strong as the previous night). But as "Suzy Greenberg" followed, I suspected the show would go toward the more predictable crowd pleasers (like the "Down With Disease", and "Prince Caspian"). "Tears Of A Clown" in the middle of "Scent Of A Mule" was bizarre (planned?) but amusing. As "Mexican Cousin" closed the first set I hoped for a comeback in the second set. YES! Opening with "Run Like An Antelope" reminded me of the 1995 show at Great Woods with a person doing backflips (where there were now seats at the Tweeter Center...) But the song doesn`t end - it morphs into..."2001"! Another strong jam building anticipation, SO funky, as is "Tweezer". But as the "Tweezer" jam leads into "Hold Your Head Up" I felt that the Fishman song ruined the flow of this particular set. "Drums" was great, showing the bond between Trey and Fish. "Timber" always rocks, but have to admit I had hoped for a better ending (the last three songs: "Sample In A Jar", "Bouncing Around The Room", "Tweezer Reprise"?) I just thought maybe there would be a return to the unfinished "Run Like An Antelope"? Still a great show though. Thanks Phish!
, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by Stash

Stash One of the wacky ones folks... Not the best jams, not the best setlist, but so much fun. Alot of interaction between band and audience (opposed to other shows of same tour). The "last" Boston area show. The lot before the show was as always a shit show. I miss taking the commuter rail to phish shows. Gotta love Divided Sky to open the show.
, attached to 2004-08-11

Review by mlinn1991

mlinn1991 birds
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