This show was part of the H.O.R.D.E. tour that also featured Aquarium Rescue Unit, Blues Traveler, The Spin Doctors and Widespread Panic. Antelope contained Simpsons, Aw Fuck!, and All Fall Down signals.
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1992 Summer U.S. Tour"

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, attached to 1992-07-10

Review by broomecountyforumite

broomecountyforumite I don't remember much about Phish's set, I haven't heard it since I was there so I can't fairly rate it.
We only went to see Phish and must've kinda embarrassed them when we were sitting on the lawn, watching Widespread or Aquarium Rescue Unit, can't recall which, and we spotted some of Phish watching from the side of the stage. We stood up, pointed at Phish in the wings and started cheering at them. Not exactly 'polite' during another band's set, but hey, we were obsessed.
I also recall Fish setting up his own drums in his "street clothes" (incognito) before their set!! I had never seen Fish in normal clothes before, it was strange.
I lost my grey 'Member's Only' jacket during Spin Drs set. I had been using the jacket to sit on....but...such a tremendous amount of people swarmed in for Spin Drs that I lost my jacket....and soon saw it flying above the crowd. I never saw it again....
We didn't enjoy the shift of vibe so we wandered off during Spin Drs.
Who did I see standing amongst the assorted food, eco, etc stands but Trey, seemingly being interviewed by someone from a paper. I was shameless.
I ran right up to Trey just gushing with admiration. The man was plainly not used to this yet. He seemed nervous actually, but kind, polite, yet kinda awkward. Looking back, I can't blame him...I was just flippin out.
The guy who had been interviewing Trey was just observing my fanaticism patiently.
Trey didn't really say much, he smiled that smile he ALWAYS had, and said "thanks" many times to me. Finally I asked him to sign an autograph on the back of my black-n-green Phish sticker. He said he would, but didn't have a pen. No problem!! I ran to the nearest stand, asked for a pen and got a red one. Now here's the best part:
Trey signs the back of my sticker, and when handing the pen and sticker back to me....accidentally stabs me in the hand with the pen!!!
Man, he got so, so apologetic. He turned red, took my hand and was like "Oh my God, man, are you ok? I'm so, so sorry...are you sure, oh man, I'm so sorry..." I was fine. Just fine, and Trey's red autograph still resides in a place of honor in my apartment.
, attached to 1992-07-10

Review by Girlchicken

Girlchicken This was my first Phish show. About a year earlier, I was asked by my orthodontist if I'd ever heard of a band called Phish. I replied "no" and he said "my son is in the band." My orthodontist's name was Dr. Fishman. I said I'd check them out and I did exactly that. This was the beginning of it all........
, attached to 1992-07-10

Review by casperphish

casperphish My first show. Had bought Nectar during the Spring because of one of my college buddies. Thank you, Jeff Whitney! Drove out to Syracuse from Albany with some friends ready for a good time. Still remember parking on the west side of the phairgrounds and then the walk over to the event. ARU put on a good show and I remember being impressed with the bassist with his vocals during his solos. Blues Traveler was good too. JP sounded sweet as usual. Things got a little weird when Spin Doctors hit the stage. Lead singer began to crawl up the stage frame and hung over the stage
, attached to 1992-07-10

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Another one set show from the HORDE tour. The recording was good except that My Sweet One is mostly cut.

Bouncing starts the set off very uninspired. Just an ok version here. Llama is rocking as usual. Reba has some loose parts in it but, the solo jam is good. Sparkle actually has some problems tonight. Trey kind of flubs the intro part and it never really locked on after that. The Maze intro also suffers as it sounds like Page doesn't have the drawbars set right. It's an ok Maze but, nothing special. Golgi is good, no real problems. Here's where it gets awful! Trey pulled himself out of tune somewhere in Golgi and never really recovers fully after this. He tries to tune it up a bit before Lizards but he's still got a flat one. Why he doesn't retune during Page's solos I don't know. I thought he did until the Lizards ending is kind of a disaster as well. Cavern falls the same way. And again I thought he would have tuned up before this one. Broken string? No backup guitar? Anyway, Cavern suffers and then Fishman gets a vacuum solo for this show as well, then the last note of Cavern is played. Well, I still don't know why Trey didn't fix his guitar during the vac solo because, Antelope also suffers the same fate as the last two songs. Still an ok set if you can get over the out of tune guitar. The ending of Antelope has a cool reggae flavor.

My Sweet One cuts in on this recording during the solo and from what I heard of the last verse and chorus, it was great!

Anyway, this set is kind of forgetable. Not their best work. If Trey would have taken a minute to fix the tuning, this set could have been saved.
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