This show included the Phish debut of Back at the Chicken Shack, the first Long Cool Woman since the first Phish show, December 2, 1983 (1,221 shows), and the first Manteca since November 14, 1995 (219 shows). Before Long Cool Woman, Trey remarked that “they tell us that this is the exact day” of the band’s fifteenth anniversary, though later research revealed this to be incorrect. Fish teased a return to Long Cool Woman before Antelope but quickly aborted. Tweezer subsequently included Manteca and You Better Believe It Baby teases. Driver featured Trey on acoustic guitar. The entire second set and encore, as well as Antelope, was included as filler on Live Phish 16.
Jam Chart Versions
Manteca and You Better Believe It Baby teases in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1998 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1998-10-30

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks The first set is fine and fun and light and so forth, but the big money is on Set II, which is nearly enough to justify a Live Phish 16 download all on its own. Nothing here is as *essential* as the third set of Halloween '98, but if you're up on your Phish history you'll recognize that Stash > Manteca pairing as an echo of the classic 11/14/95 show. The Tweezer > NICU transition is flawless, though you kinda have to admit Tweezer had a little pro forma feel by late 1998. The post-NICU ambient interlude emerges from the final chord, not the song's ska-via-the-cow-pasture rhythm, but it's still a lovely preview of the Wolfman's Bro from the next night. And after a very patient and welcome full-band buildup, an upbeat Prince Caspian delivers needed catharsis. A very strong, old-fashioned-and-new-fangled set in Vegas.
, attached to 1998-10-30

Review by moephan

moephan The first time I traveled across the country for phish. It did not disappoint.

The antelope, guelah, lizards run in the first set were worth the 1000 mile drive alone.

Then there was the second set. It's better than it looks on paper. Top 5 phish moments for me.


What more could you want?
, attached to 1998-10-30

Review by Your_Trip_Is_Short

Your_Trip_Is_Short This was an excellent show. Well worth the trip from Michigan. So much fun. The band was clearly enjoying it all. The Long Cool Woman banter was fun and the whole first set was just some great '98 Phish. Well played songs with great placement and flow. But the 2nd set is the money maker, as per usual. Silky segues, a fun Manteca, Tweezer brings it home as expected. This show had it all. Bust-outs, jams, debuts, sandwiches and reprises, and Free Bird. I always add an extra star to shows where I got treated with a Free Bird. Bravo, fellas.
, attached to 1998-10-30

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround Wilson: Reverse delay in big time play at 4:18. Crowd energy is outrageous. Rock star Trey with the huge Can You Still Have Fun yell whipping the folks into an even bigger frenzy – Blat Bloom!!! >

Meat: Funky as all get out. >

Scent of a Mule: Crowd is super amped for this one. Likely a product of Vegas I would think but who knows. Mike and Trey create a nice, ethereal soundscape as Page takes his solo. > Back at the Chicken Shack: Woah! Takes the crowd a bit to figure out what is going on. Very cool interlude! They should bring this back. > Scent of a Mule: Trey struggles a bit with the fast strumming going into Mike’s vocals. No big deal but it’s there if you are listening.

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress: Great banter. Crowd eats it up! “That was a much better reaction than when we played it the first time” LOL “Anniversary of our 15th anniversary” Hmmm, not exactly, but that’s ok.

Run Like an Antelope: As noted in jamcharts, ya gotta love the 6:20 to 7:20 section, good tension building and dissonant. Great stuff right there! Taking there time and making things unique and interesting. Pretty solid face melter of a climax! I LOVE the effects after Rye Rye Rocco. So great. Evil Phish is the Best Phish! Trey chanting “Marco Esquandolas” – absolutely awesome.

Guelah Papyrus: Very nice, crowd loves it! Nice nod to the mostly super old school theme of the set so far.

The Lizards: I love Page’s solo. Intricate. When he goes way up into that high range, yes sir! Solid Trey solo.

Cavern: Nailed it. Crowd goes wild at the final notes, place is super amped up. Solid first set with Antelope being the big highlight but that SOAMule was interesting and unique.

SET 2: Stash: Rare second set Stash! Of the 441 times played, it has only been played in the second set 78 times! Mike sounds so clear and out front in the moments leading into… ->

Manteca: Wow, just wow!!! Crazy how sinister they make this jam, straight up evil and dark. ->

Tweezer: Searing loops to kick off the jam. Trey ever so briefly toys with a major mode feel. But then lets Mike essentially solo, laying back for a long time. When he finally comes back in they toy around with some almost stop start jamming. Trey sounds nice and bluesy in here, Page funking along with him. Once this jam gets going, Trey definitely dominates big time. Big time arena rock soloing. Impressive. In the late 13’s, things take a decidedly slower approach. From 14:30 through 16:37 – so funky, full band jamming – listening to one another so well, awesome stuff!! Trey starts strumming hard for NICU at 16:25 and 12 seconds later… ->

NICU: The true beginning of this tune is actually recognized until 0:27 seconds in. > Jam: After the song proper is over, Fish slams hit kit a number of times and then just like that – they drop into a quintessential 1998 ambient jam. Mike in particular sounds great in here. Some major bombs! Very cool little jam. >

Prince Caspian: This fits nicely coming out of that ambient ether. Well done Phish! The last “Ohhh to be Prince Caspian” vocal line before heading into the jam is rather angsty and extended leading to a big reaction from the crowd. Fairly straightforward jam and then into… >

Golgi Apparatus: Good, old school capper to a strong show.


Driver: Acoustic. Nice. The anti-Vegas encore. But wait! There’s more…

Free Bird: You ask, Phish delivers. Place must have been insane during and after this. Walking out of this one must have been so fun and the anticipation for tomorrow night must have palpable.

Summary: Killer, old school show. Some big, big highlights and the supporting cast was both creative, unique, and very strong. I wouldn’t argue with the current rating of this show, it’s sick - 4.444/5 (171 ratings)

Replay Value: Run Like an Antelope, Stash -> Manteca -> Tweezer -> NICU > Jam >
, attached to 1998-10-30

Review by 10a_cJedi

10a_cJedi Stash -> Manteca -> Tweezer was by far my favorite part of the weekend. Hearing it go Nectar style was so on a subconscious correct level. The energy threw out the medley was so on point. All the folks like myself who spent a lot of time on Junta, Rift, Nectar, Lawn-Boy, Hoist, and Ghost Story. Junta, Rift, & most. Nectar I had gotten to love the studio on most of the ghost stories I saw debuted in 1997 Fall or Europe 1998 [lots 0f 97-98 I'm gr8ful I saw] Island, etc. A different interest, nothing beet a live one 1995 collection of live tunes but new albums were blowing our skulls, boom Junta, boom Game Hoist!
Thanx 10a/c Jedi
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